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Jackson Town Hall
150 East Pearl Avenue 
PO Box 1687 
Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 733-3932 (Main number for all departments, unless otherwise listed)
(307) 739-0919 (fax)

Administration extension 1100 
The administration department provides guidance and support to all Town departments. The administration department includes Public Information. The Public Information Officer updates the Town web site, sends public service announcements and press releases, and provides detailed information on issues to the public. Bob McLaurin is the Town Administrator.

Animal Shelter (307) 733-2139
A unit under the Jackson Police Department, the Jackson-Teton County Animal Shelter provides humane care to, and finds homes for, lost and abandoned companion animals.  

Attorney & Legal (307) 734-1689
The Town Attorney provides legal counsel for the Town of Jackson and serves as legal advisor to the Mayor, Town Council, Town staff, boards, and commissions. Audrey Cohen-Davis is the Town Attorney.

Cemetery (307) 699-1091
The Aspen Hill Cemetery is under the Parks & Recreation department and is the only cemetery within the town limits of Jackson. Al Zuckerman is the Cemetery Sexton.  

Clerk extension 1113
The Office of the Town Clerk maintains the Town’s official records, provides support for the Town Council, and manages the Town’s historical records. Sandy Birdyshaw is the Town Clerk.

Engineering (307) 739-4547
The Engineering Department supports the larger activities of the Public Works Department by determining the extent of construction, completing design plan, contracting work programs, and overseeing the completion of projects.  Brian Lenz is the Town Engineer.

Finance extension 1100
The Finance Department is responsible for the Annual Budget and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report as well as all financial recordkeeping and reporting functions for the Town of Jackson including accounting, payroll and utility billing.  Kelly Thompson is the Finance Director.

Fire EMS (307) 733-4732
Fire EMS is a jointly funded department between the Town of Jackson and Teton County. 

Information Technology (IT) extension 211
The IT department provides quality, cost-effective computer hardware and software support to the employees of the Town of Jackson. Zolo is the IT Director.

Municipal Court extension 1165
Jackson Municipal Court is part of the state judicial system and enforces statutory laws and municipal ordinances for the Town of Jackson.

Parks & Recreation (307) 739-9025
Parks & Recreation is a jointly funded department between the Town of Jackson and Teton County. They keep the local parks safe, clean, and looking nice, and they provide residents with opportunities for classes and activities at the local Recreation and Aquatic Center

Personnel & HR extension 1107
The Personnel Department is responsible for all human resources functions with the Town of Jackson including recruiting, hiring, and employee training. Roxanne Robinson is the head of personnel.

Planning & Building (307) 733-0440
The Planning & Building Department supports short and long-range planning activities for the citizens of the Town of Jackson. The department reviews permit applications, issues building and related permits, and inspects buildings and properties to ensure compliance with applicable codes and ordinances. Tyler Sinclair is the director of the department.

Police (307) 733-1430 
The Jackson Police Department prevents crime, enforces laws, and supports quality public safety by delivering respectful, professional, and dependable police services. Todd Smith is the Chief of Police.

Public Works 450 Snow King Avenue, PO Box 1687 Jackson, WY 83001 (307) 733-3079 
The Public Works department is responsible for the overall supervision, control, budgeting and coordination of programs in Engineering, Streets & Sidewalks, Sewer & Water and Shop & Fleet Services. Larry Pardee is the Director or Public Works.

START Bus (307) 733-4521
Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit, or START, is Jackson's public transportation authority. They provide free and affordable bus transportation within Teton County and the greater metropolitan area. Visit their website for schedules and more information. 

Town Council extension 1000
The elected Mayor and Town Council provide honest, accessible leadership to citizens, employees, and regional neighbors. Pete Muldoon is the Mayor of Jackson.

Victim Services (307) 732-8482
The Victim Services department is a division of the Jackson Police Department. They are available to inform all crime victims of their rights and available services. They provide comprehensive services to educate, empower, and advocate for crime victims.


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