The Jackson Town Hall is the center of activity for the municipal government of the Town of Jackson. It is located at 150 East Pearl Avenue, just a few blocks from the Town Square, in the heart of downtown Jackson.

Built in 1986, we continually strive to make updates and improvements to our Town Hall which ensure that it is both usable for many more years to come, and also as energy efficient as modern technology will allow.

We recently added dozens of photovoltaic solar panel cells to the roof of the Town Hall which will greatly help to offset the amount of power that we pull from the electric grid.


Additionally, through an agreement with Lower Valley Energy power company, we ensure that all the electricity we do pull from the grid to power the Town Hall, Town Square, city street lights, and all other town facilities comes from 100% renewable energy sources. Read more about the Town of Jackson's commitment to energy saving and environmental initiatives here.


The Jackson Police Department is also housed in the Town Hall. For more information on Jackson's Finest, please visit their website here.


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