October 2017

If you haven't spent a winter in Jackson before, you may not be aware of the impending siege of snow that will soon grip Jackson for the next several months.  Snow is often measured in inches (plural) and sometimes feet (also plural) in Jackson.  And to keep you from being cooped up in your house all winter, the Town of Jackson needs to plow the snow from the streets and roads of the town.  But vehicles parked along the sides of the streets and roads make snow removal slow, inefficient, difficult, and dangerous.  So the Town of Jackson passed an ordinance that prohibits overnight parking of vehicles in the right-of-way of streets, roads, and alleys in the town as well as public parking lots between 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM from November 1st through April 15th.

The Jackson Police Department has been placing "Motorist Advisory" cards on vehicles in the town that are in violation of the ordinance, as a courtesy reminder.  

From 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM, November 1st through April 15th., if the streets and roads need to be plowed, your vehicle may be ticked and towed to make way for snow removal operations.

Thank you for your cooperation, and please drive safely. 

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