We've had some reports that the "IRS Scam" is circulating again. If you're not familiar with it, it usually involves a phone call or email saying you're behind on your taxes and will be arrested if you don't pay now. Further instructions follow that involve the purchase of prepaid credit cards or some other variation on payment.

THE IRS DOES NOT DO BUSINESS THIS WAY! Do not send these people money. If you have concerns about your taxes, hang up, and call your accountant or the IRS directly at their official number. https://www.irs.gov/

There is another similar scam in which someone claiming to be law enforcement calls to inform you there is a warrant for your arrest and that you must pay immediately or be taken to jail. They again asked for prepaid credit cards or money orders.

THE POLICE DEPARTMENT DOES NOT DO BUSINESS THIS WAY! If you have a warrant, we come find you. If we do call, you'll be asked to come to the sheriff's office to surrender and post bond. 

We hope this information helps. If your still not sure, give us a call.

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