Press Blotter
November 27-December 3, 2017

Joke of the week:

The police want to interview me.
Strange…I didn't apply for a job.

Now that you're in a good humor, see what we did this week.

Case Number Reported Date/Time Case Comments
PDP171200005 11/27/2017 11:54:00 Staff in local business reported inappropriate behavior from a live-in resident.
PDP171100078 11/28/2017 14:56:00 Unknown male subject took jacket without paying. Theft less than $1000.00. Subject located identified and charged for the theft.
PDP171100079 11/28/2017 18:24:00 Bike reported stolen from Middle School. Returned to owner. No leads on suspect, no follow-up requested by owner.
PDP171100080 11/28/2017 18:46:00 Officers were sent to the hospital for an unruly female subject being belligerent. Officer's noticed that the subject was extremely intoxicated. While Officer's were trying to find the subject a ride home, she walked out of the hospital into the parking lot and escalated her verbally aggressiveness. Subject was arrested for Public Intoxication.
PDP171100081 11/29/2017 10:11:00 Report of possible contaminants placed inside a fuel tank.
PDP171100082 11/29/2017 11:09:00 Bicycle found on the grounds of the Lodge. Unknown owner.
PDP171100084 11/29/2017 13:13:00 Bicycle parked in bicycle rack at business for approximately four weeks. Unknown owner.
PDP171100083 11/29/2017 13:58:00 Report of Town of Jackson short term rental violation. Currently under investigation.
PDP171100085 11/29/2017 22:29:00 Officers called to a local business for a citizen assist. Officers arrested subject for public intoxication and trespassing.
PDP171100086 11/30/2017 6:11:00 Vehicle stopped for traffic violation. K9 alerted to vehicle. Driver issued a citation for Possession of a Controlled Substance.
PDP171200001 12/01/2017 0:05:00 Male was accused of stealing money and a watch from his roommates. No physical evidence of the theft was available. Male had two false Connecticut driver's license in his possession.
PDP171200002 12/01/2017 9:51:00 Report of screws being thrown behind the tires of a vehicle. Suspect called to complain to corporate company. Suspect admitted to placing screws behind tires.
PDP171200003 12/01/2017 14:04:00 Two males got locked out of their hotel room after getting a notice of eviction. Males showed signs of intoxication, had no place else to go and were unable to care for themselves. Both parties were arrested for public intoxication.
PDP171200004 12/02/2017 2:22:00 Subject wanted to fight inside a local establishment. Subject got a taxi ride but came back in an effort to fight an individual, and was arrested.
PDP171200006 12/02/2017 10:32:28 Fraud Report.
PDP171200009 12/02/2017 20:23:00 Fraudulent charges on a debit card totaling $1000, related to a local ATM.
PDP171200015 12/02/2017 21:59:00 Unknown intoxicated male approached juvenile outside of a local business and asked vulgar questions of a sexual nature.
PDP171200011 12/02/2017 22:11:00 Reported two male subjects fighting. Officer's spoke with both intoxicated subjects about the incident. One male subject was arrested for Public Intoxication and cited for Interference with a Police Officer.
PDP171200010 12/02/2017 22:27:00 Fake ID used to try to get into a bar. Citation issued.
PDP171200012 12/02/2017 22:37:00 A vehicle hit an unoccupied parked vehicle causing it to hit another unoccupied parked vehicle. The vehicle was later found in the parking lot of a local motel. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and issued a citation for leaving the scene of an accident.
PDP171200013 12/02/2017 23:28:00 A 13-year-old boy ran away from home after an argument with his parents. Was contacted by police a short time later and detained. Released to parents after risk assessment and County Attorney consultation.
PDP171200014 12/03/2017 1:11:00 Reported Hit and Run collision in the alley at Millward St. and Broadway. Suspect vehicle left the scene after accident. Report was taken. Suspect vehicle was located and driver was arrested for DWUI and cited for Failure to Report Accident.
PDP171200016 12/03/2017 13:32:00 Intoxicated male was arrested for being too intoxicated to take care of himself in a public setting. The PBT result was .33%
PDP171200017 12/03/2017 15:10:00 Subject violated a protection order. Arrest warrant written and signed.
PDP171200018 12/03/2017 16:41:00 Local resident reported that their neighbors pet attacked theirs. Animal control citation issued.
PDP171200019 12/03/2017 16:51:00 Receiver hitch missing from a pickup.
***JACKSON PD SAYS:  If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148.  We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts.  You can remain anonymous.


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