Press Blotter
February 26- March 4, 2018

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Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out a live anyway.

Case Number CFS # Reported Date/Time Case Comments
PDP180200102 1802-2610 02/26/2018 1:03:00 Drunk male was kicked out of the bar numerous times and was warned by officers to not return. Drunk male returned to the bar and was arrested. PBT result .276%.
PDI180200104 1802-2649 02/26/2018 12:23:00 Box truck was rented with a bad credit card.
PDP180200105 1802-2653 02/26/2018 12:48:00 A 71-year-old man was found dead on the floor of his motel room by his brother. Nothing suspicious about the scene. No evidence of foul play.
PDP180200106 1802-2660 02/26/2018 13:46:00 Subject intoxicated to the degree he was unable to communicate. PBT = .233% BrAC.
PDP180200107 1802-2755 02/27/2018 12:02:00 A woman came to a man's residence while he was away and asked his teenage daughter for permission to use the restroom. The man believes the woman was looking for prescription medication. Woman later contacted and issued a criminal trespass notice.
PDP180200108 1802-2762 02/27/2018 13:22:00 Two week old collision hit and run, no leads.
PDP180200109 1802-2784 02/27/2018 17:33:00 Subject arrested for public intoxication after he was found intoxicated at a bus stop. PBT=352.%.
PDP180200111 1802-2794 02/27/2018 19:57:00 Adult Male subject reported missing after not having any contact with any persons locally within the last week. Subject located in out of state jail.
PDP180200112 1802-2859 02/28/2018 18:33:00 An Officer observed a man shove a woman to the ground during an argument. The man refused to identify himself to the Officer and was arrested for Domestic Assault and Interference.
PDP180300001 1802-2880 02/28/2018 21:28:00 Anonymous report on possible illegal psilocybin mushroom grow, leads to a search warrant recovering large amount of illegal controlled substances. Offender arrested.
PDP180300002 1803-0048 03/01/2018 12:54:00 Vehicle collision hit and run in front of local business.
PDP180300003 1803-0056 03/01/2018 13:29:00 A handgun was reported stolen from the back seat of a locked truck. No obvious damage.
PDP180300004 1803-0065 03/01/2018 14:20:00 Hit and run collision in parking lot.
PDP180300005 1803-0084 03/01/2018 16:53:00 Traffic stop for stop sign violation. Probation violation arrest, for possession of controlled substance.
PDP180300006 1803-0128 03/02/2018 0:55:00 At approximately 0055 hours, Jackson Police Officers observed a male that they believed was intoxicated cross Pearl Street near Bubba's BBQ. While the male was crossing the street he fell down. Officers continued to watch the male as he picked himself up off the street, and circled Bubba's Restaurant two times looking in the windows and tapping on the glass. When Officers made contact with the male he ran a short distance before stopping and complying with Officers. The male stated to Officers he was trying to get into "the McDonald's" not realizing he was at Bubba's BBQ and Bubba's was closed for the evening. The male was subsequently arrested for Public Intoxication.
PDP180300007 1803-0134 03/02/2018 2:15:00 A man was observed staggering on the sidewalk and street. The man was contacted and was later arrested for public intoxication.
PDP180300008 1803-0164 03/02/2018 13:15:00 Fraud. Under investigation.
PDP180300010 1803-0187 03/02/2018 16:13:00 Two vehicle collision. No injuries both vehicles were able to drive away.
PDP180300011 03/02/2018 22:07:00 Vehicle two was stopped at the intersection of W Broadway and Hwy 22. Vehicle one was pulling up behind Vehicle two and began to slide on the ice. Vehicle one was unable to stop and struck Vehicle two in the rear. Ambulance responded for complaint of pain. The driver of Vehicle one was cited for driving too fast for conditions.
PDP180300013 1803-0225 03/03/2018 0:13:00 A woman was found passed out in a business lobby. The woman was incoherent and another woman stated that she believed the woman may have been "drugged" while at a bar. The woman was transported to the hospital.
PDP180300012 1803-0226 03/03/2018 0:17:00 Officer called to a bar for a female refusing to leave. Upon arrival management informed Police that they had asked this female to leave several times and they just wanted her out. Female initially went with officers toward the exit then sprinted back into the bar. She was escorted to the exit where she grabbed onto the door attempting to pull herself back into the bar. One female arrested for municipal code criminal trespass.
PDP180300014 1803-0237 03/03/2018 2:41:00 A vehicle was stopped for not using a turn signal and for having a broken taillight. The driver of the vehicle was found to be intoxicated and was arrested for driving under the influence and for driving with a suspended license. During the arrest of the driver, another man interfered with Officers and was arrested for interference.
PDP180300015 1803-0242 03/03/2018 6:25:00 V1 failed to stop at stop sign due to icy conditions. Collided with V2 who was traveling in intersection. Cite for stop sign fail.
PDP180300016 1803-0257 03/03/2018 9:51:00 Welfare check on subject turned out to be miscommunication.
PDP180300017 1803-0274 03/03/2018 12:18:00 Person was placed on bulletin as dangerous to law enforcement. Was posting on social media he wanted a confrontation with law enforcement. There was a warrant for his arrest. Located and arrested.
PDP180300018 1803-0366 03/04/2018 13:27:00 Suspected marijuana seized at airport for destruction.
Total Records: 26

***JACKSON PD SAYS:  If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148.  We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts.  You can remain anonymous.


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