July 17-23, 2017

Here is just a little of what we did last week.

PDP170700001 07/18/2017 11:53:00 Address suspected of violating LDR of TOJ, specifically for allowed use of residential detached property. Violator previously prosecuted for short term rental violations by the TOJ the previous winter season.
PDP170700002 07/18/2017 13:42:00 Hit and Run with unknown suspect and vehicle.
PDP170700003 07/17/2017 0:00:00 During the course of a patrol check, a man was located illegally camping in his vehicle. The man's vehicle smelled strongly of marijuana and his vehicle was searched. A small amount of marijuana and a glass pipe containing burnt marijuana were located and seized. The man was cited for possession of marijuana.
PDP170700004 07/18/2017 17:25:00 Traffic Collision
PDP170700005 07/18/2017 17:42:00 collision on private property with damage over $1000.
PDP170700006 07/19/2017 0:12:00 Suspicious person led to an arrest of public intoxication.
PDP170700007 07/19/2017 0:13:00 Observed man showing objective signs of intoxication. Man was on probation for alcohol related offense. Man was arrested for public intoxication
PDP170700008 07/19/2017 17:18:52 Traffic Collision
PDP170700009 07/17/2017 0:00:00 Traffic Collision
PDP170700010 07/20/2017 9:31:00 An unknown person took a saddle bag with contents inside from a parked bike. There are no suspects.
PDP170700011 07/20/2017 8:58:00 Victim left her car parked and unlocked in a parking lot and ate dinner at a local restaurant. Victim returned to her car to find things inside in disarray. Apparently nothing taken. Delayed report.
PDP170700013 07/20/2017 19:32:48 Animal Control complaint.
PDP170700014 07/21/2017 2:39:24 A reporting party came to the jail lobby to report a male passed out in a local yard.  Officers contacted the Defendant who was passed next to his bicycle.  The Defendant smelled of an alcoholic beverage, had relaxed facial muscles, slurred speech, and his belt was undone.  The Defendant could not follow simple instructions to provide his driver's license to officers.  The subject was arrested for public intoxication.  At the jail his PBT result was a .19%.
PDP170700015 07/21/2017 9:31:00 Business operating without a valid TOJ business license.
PDP170700016 07/21/2017 8:10:06 Bicycle taken from residence. Later returned to owner.
PDP170700017 07/21/2017 12:36:44 Traffic Collision
PDP170700018 07/20/2017 15:41:00 Vehicle #1 backed into Vehicle #2 in the Smith's parking lot. Vehicle #2 was parked and unoccupied.
PDP170700019 07/21/2017 22:47:04 A bicyclist ran a stop sign in front of a police officer and was subsequently stopped.  During the stop the officer determined the cyclist was a minor under the influence of alcohol and the 19 year old minor was arrested.
PDP170700020 07/21/2017 23:03:00 Male cited for minor under the influence after attempting to use a fraudulent identification to enter a local bar
PDP170700021 07/22/2017 15:30:00 Hotel guest reported his medication was taken.
PDP170700022 07/22/2017 18:23:00 A father and son shooting a paintball gun on property not owned by them causing minor damage. Father was cited. HELD
PDP170700023 07/22/2017 19:57:18 Unknown vehicle - likely bicycle - collided with unoccupied parked car causing slight damage and failed to leave contact information.
PDP170700024 07/23/2017 0:09:28 Officers responded to an intoxicated male causing a disturbance and refusing to leave the property. Subject arrested for public intoxication.
PDP170700025 07/23/2017 8:11:37 Motel guest reported property missing from room.
PDP170700026 07/23/2017 9:59:00 Vehicle one backed into vehicle two. No injuries, no road blockage.
PDP170700027 07/23/2017 12:19:00 Subject found in violation of his probation and was arrested.
PDP170700028 07/23/2017 20:51:50 Theft of jewelry. Suspect took jewelry off of the price tags and attempted to leave. Value under $1000.
PDP170700029 07/23/2017 21:17:15 Subject was called in as REDDI report in front of Virginian Liquor Store. Subject was intoxicated and had attempted to drive away in a vehicle.  Subject was Arrested for Public Intoxication.
PDP170700030 07/23/2017 22:35:51 Officers responded to a disturbance. No further information at this time.
PDP170700031 07/24/2017 7:10:13 Stolen bicycle.

***JACKSON PD SAYS: If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148. We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts. You can remain anonymous.


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