March 20-26, 2017

 The Jackson Police Department responded to 334 events this week including: 146 traffic stops, 32 citizen assistance calls, and 13 disturbances.  Here are the highlights:

 3499 Assault

A very intoxicated couple were seen at a local Hotel having difficulty getting to their room. Bystanders attempted to help the couple find the way to their room. For an unknown reason, the intoxicated male punched one of the people who was trying to help him to his room. Officers arrived and investigated the incident.  Based on witness statements and evidence a citation for battery was issued.


3533 Public Intoxication

While at the scene of a fire alarm at a local hotel officers were contacted regarding an intoxicated person. Officers contacted the individual who claimed he was a guest at the hotel. Officers later learned he was actually a guest at another hotel across town. Officers attempted to get him a cab ride to his hotel, but were unsuccessful. The individual displayed several objective signs of intoxication, and was unable to safely navigate to his hotel. Joseph Ridenour of Utah was arrested for public intoxication for being too drunk to be able to care for his own needs.

***Jackson PD says; If you are so drunk you can't locate your hotel, let alone your room, you are too drunk.  Please drink responsibly.***


 3535 Disturbance

Officers responded to a report of people fighting at local motel. When officers arrived individuals had arguments separated by security. All six of the individuals contacted by police in the hotel room we're highly intoxicated, which made it very difficult for officers to determine what had happened. Many of the statements were contradictory and there was no physical evidence to substantiate any of the statements. The fight reportedly occurred when one male awoke to find another male's testicles on his head. Since there were no reported injuries and none of the participants were willing to seek charges, the disturbance was cleared with one of the parties relocating to a different hotel.


 3536 DUI

An officer witnessed the driver of a vehicle make several traffic violations. The officer stopped the vehicle and contacted driver and quickly noted the driver displayed several objective signs of intoxication. Officers have the driver perform the field sobriety tests, and subsequently arrested Noah Kolis of Cora, WY under suspicion of driving while under the influence.


 3541 Domestic Violence

About 3:35 in the morning officers were dispatch to a possible domestic violence incident. Upon arrival officers separated the individuals and begin their investigation. The victim was found to have multiple scratches on his face and neck. Based on the statements of the parties involved and the observable injuries officers arrested Trinda Freitas of Jackson, for Domestic Battery. Alcohol is believed to be a factor in the incident.


 3543 Auto Theft

Officers canvassed East Jackson after a local hotel reported two of their shuttle buses had been stolen. Officers located both of the shuttle buses after several minutes. Both of the shuttle buses were located several blocks away from the hotel. The case is under investigation.


 3634 Fireworks

A local homeowner contacted police after fireworks landed on her porch, nearly hitting her. When police arrived the homeowner pointed out a nearby rental property where the fireworks had come from. Officers made contact with the people at the rental property, and issued a citation for the fireworks.


 3637 Theft

A large tote bag was stolen from a downtown bar and restaurant. The owner had set it on a nearby chair, when she went to leave she noticed the bag was gone. The case is under investigation.


3716 Trespass

Officers were walking near the Cowboy Bar when a staff member notified them of an intoxicated male who is refusing to leave. Officers contacted William Clary of Laramie and arrested him for trespassing.


3725 Code Enforcement

While on patrol, officers noticed a large crowd of people outside of a local restaurant after its advertised normal hours of operation. Upon investigation the restaurant appeared to be operating more like a bar after hours, a possible violation of their restaurant liquor license. The incident is under review.


3726 Breach of Peace

Officers were dispatched to Meadowlark Lane for a noise complaint. The neighbor reported this was the third day in a row he had observed allowed party at an adjacent apartment. Because the neighbor was willing to sign as a complainant hey citation was issued to the renter of the apartment.

*** Jackson PD says: Have fun, but be considerate of your neighbors.  Just because you don't have to get up in the morning doesn't mean your neighbors don't.  What if the roles were reversed and your neighbor was having a raucous party and you had to be up early.***  

 3742 Public Intox

Officers were called to a local bar for a severely intoxicated person. Officers found the individual in the bar passed out in a chair. It took officers and medics nearly 3 minutes to awaken him. Shane Schreiber of Harlowton, Montana, refused medical attention and was arrested for public intoxication.


 3759 Domestic Violence

While officers were on a traffic stop on W Pearl Avenue they were contacted regarding a fight a nearby motel. Other officers arrived on scene to investigate. Based on witness statements Trevor Maddock of Preston, Idaho was arrested for domestic battery.


 3838 Auto Burglary

A woman reported some cash had been stolen from her purse; which had been on the front seat of her unlocked car.

***Jackson PD says: Please put your valuables out of sight and lock your vehicle.  Criminals will always take the easy path and look for easy crimes of opportunity.


***JACKSON PD SAYS:  If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148.  We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts.  You can remain anonymous.

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