March 13-19, 2017

There were 288 events during the week, here are some of the highlights:


2312 Disturbance

A male showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s house to pick up some of his things without requesting a civil standby, a violation of his release orders.  Officers stood by as he collected his property and then allowed him to leave after again advising him he was not allowed back at the property without requesting a civil standby.


2313 Runaway Juvenile

Two teenage minors left school without permission.  Both minors were located a short time later and returned to the school.


2318 Shoplifting

20 year old Ernesto Cardenas of Mexico was arrested after he was caught by loss prevention personnel shoplifting at Kmart.  The suspect had allegedly shoplifted over $200 of electronics merchandise.  He was reportedly visiting Jackson with family from Idaho and planned to return to Mexico next month.  He was arrested for the misdemeanor because he was believed to be a flight risk.


2341 DUI

Officers responded to a REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) report of a vehicle “all over the road”.  Officers located the vehicle and contacted the driver, who claimed he had not been drinking.  The driver, Tyler Holeman of Jackson, did not satisfactorily complete the field sobriety tests and was subsequently arrested under suspicion of DUI.


2396 Public Intoxication

Officers contacted a woman after seeing her staggering and almost fall while walking along W Pearl Ave. late one night.  Leslie Hankey of Jackson, reportedly exhibited signs of intoxication and could not tell officers her address; she was arrested for public intoxication.


2412 Battery

Officers responded to a report of a fight in the alley behind Pinky G’s Pizza.  They arrived to find a man lying on the ground, his face bloodied and swollen.  The victim was taken to St. John’s for medical care.  Officers obtained suspect descriptions from witnesses at the scene and searched the area, they found and detained one possible suspect.  The other suspects fled the scene.  The case is still under investigation.


2414 Runaway Juvenile

Shortly after midnight officers were called to a home in north Jackson for a report of a runaway juvenile.  The juvenile had been staying at a friend’s house and had slipped out a window.  The juvenile returned a couple of hours later.  The juvenile was released to the care of her foster parents.


2415 Public Intoxication

When a local bar refused entry to a very intoxicated male, he became belligerent but left before police could arrive.  Officers were unable to locate the subject.


2493 Dog Bite

Officers responded to the hospital for a report of a dog bite.  The victim was about to enter a local business in the 100 block of E Broadway when she was bitten by a dog which was tied to the railing near the front door.  The victim drove to the hospital where she was treated for cuts to her finger caused by the dog.  The dog was not located.


2494 Public Intoxication

Officers were dispatched to the Snow King ball-field for a man who had fallen while skiing.  The reporting party believed the man was highly intoxicated.  Officers contacted the man who was now sitting in his van and subsequently arrested Joel Devine of Jackson, after he displayed several objective signs of intoxication.


2582 DUI

While officers were out on a traffic stop, another vehicle failed to move over into the other lane as it passed by the emergency vehicles as required by law.  One of the officers quickly stopped the second vehicle and determined the driver had been drinking. After failing to satisfactorily complete the field sobriety tests the driver, Chase Corona of Texas, was arrested under suspicion of DUI.


2613 Public Intoxication

At about 0230 in the morning the police were called to a home where residents were awakened by someone pounding on the side of their house.  Officers arrived on scene and contacted two brothers who were in the area.  Items belonging to the brothers were found on the lawn of the home.  Samuel and Joshua Hill of Jackson, appeared very intoxicated and disoriented; they were both arrested for public intoxication.


2628 Death

Officers responded to an apartment for a report of a deceased 59 year old male.  There were no obvious signs of foul play.  The case is under investigation by the coroner’s office.


2657 Driving Under Suspension

William Wilson of North Carolina was stopped for a cell phone violation and found to be driving under a suspended license.  He was arrested for DUS and issued citations for the cell phone violation, open container, and failure to maintain liability coverage.


2671 Theft

Officers were called to a home in east Jackson regarding an apparent burglary.  The owner reported the theft of more than $5000 of jewelry from a bedroom in the home.  There were no immediate signs of forced entry.  The case is still under investigation. 


 2768 Drug Offense

The manager of a local apartment complex contacted police to report suspected drugs found in a freezer of an apartment that had recently been vacated.  The officer arrived and collected a small amount of marijuana, which was taken for destruction.


 2784 Fraud

A victim began receiving text messages and telephone calls from an unknown caller, from an out-of-area phone number, threatening his family if he did not send money via Western Union.  Being scared, the victim sent the money, but called police after the caller demanded even more money.  It was determined the victim’s info was gathered from the “What’s Up” app and the pictures of his family used in the threats were gathered from his facebook page.

***JPD Says: It’s a different twist on the money gram scams.  They started with “you’ve won…just send us a processing fee” and became more manipulative with various sob stories.  Then crooks started claiming they were your loved ones in trouble, just needing you to send money to help.  The next step was claiming they were the IRS, a bill collector, or a utility company you supposedly owed money to and if you didn’t pay you’d be arrested, sued, or have your service interrupted.  Now they will call with information they have gathered on-line and threaten you or your family if you don’t pay.  What’s next?  Who knows? 

But one thing they always have in common, is you have to send the money via Western Union, Money Gram, prepaid credit cards, or some other untraceable money transfer method.  These are SCAMS perpetrated by cowards who only want to take your money.  And they soak good, hard working Americans for billions every year.  These cases are nearly impossible to track and investigate, almost always lead outside the country where our laws do not apply, and the victims almost never get their money back. 

If anyone ever asks or demands money via Western Union, Money Gram, prepaid credit cards, or some other untraceable money transfer method, it’s probably a scam.      


 2855 False ID

20 year old Zachary Berry of Wisconsin was arrested after he attempted to gain entry into a local bar to drink with his friends through the use of a false ID.  He was also charged with being a Minor Under the Influence of alcohol for having a measurable amount of alcohol in his system.  


***JACKSON PD SAYS:  If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148.  We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts.  You can remain anonymous.

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