Jan. 9, 2016 to Jan. 15, 2016

240 events for this week.  See the attached event stats for the breakdown.  Here are the highlights.


#1158: Protect/Stalking Order Violation

A probation agent reported that a probationer had violated the terms of a protection order by going to the protected persons residence and driving the protected person’s car to the offices of probation and parole.  Further investigation revealed the subject had also called the protected person in violation of the order.  Each of these violations also constituted a violation of probation.  As a result, Timothy Scott Olsen, 29, of Jackson was arrested for probation violation.


#1262: Code Enforcement

An officer observed a taxi driver with a dog inside the vehicle.  It was determined the dog was the driver’s personal pet.  Transporting a dog in a taxi while on-duty is a violation of municipal code and as such, George McCreight, 72, of Victor, ID was charged with a violation of the ground transportation ordinance.


#1332: disturbance

Officers were dispatched to a possible domestic violence.  Both parties had left prior to officers arriving on scene.  Follow-up is continuing to locate the parties.


#1363: Fraud

A subject reported being the victim of identity theft.  It was reported that several Verizon accounts have been fraudulently opened in the victim’s name.  Follow-up is ongoing.


#1482: Hit and Run 

A vehicle was struck while parked and unattended.


#1599: DUI

An officer stopped a vehicle for speeding.  Upon contacting the driver, numerous signs of intoxication were noted.  The subject admitted to consuming both alcohol and prescription drugs prior to driving.  The subject failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI.  Subsequent to the arrest marijuana was found inside the vehicle.  As a result, Reed J Sarosiek, 26, of Jackson was charged with DUI and possession of marijuana.


#1616: Public Intox

Officers received a report of an intoxicated subject sitting in a snow bank at 2:41 AM.  Officers located the subject staggering in the roadway.  When contacted the subject was found to be extremely intoxicated and unable to give officers an address he could go to.  Officers determined the subject was too intoxicated to care for himself and as a result, Bogdan Mihai Balan, 25, of Spokane, WA was charged with public intoxication.


#1618: Public Intox

Officers received a call at 2:59 AM of a subject who had entered another person’s home and refused to leave.  The investigation revealed that the suspect had entered a residence through an unlocked door while the resident was at home.  The resident had never seen the suspect before and told him repeatedly to leave, which the suspect refused to do.  When officers arrived the subject was still inside the residence.  It remains undetermined why the subject entered the residence or why he refused to leave.  As a result, Daniel Jon Suarez, 29, of Jackson was charged with criminal entry.


#1647: Sexual assault

An officer received a report of alleged sexual abuse.  It was determined the alleged abuse occurred outside of Teton County and the case was referred to the agency with appropriate jurisdiction.


#1618: Fraud

An officer received a report that a subject had cashed a check electronically, then cashed the paper check several weeks later.  Follow-up is ongoing.


#1710: Hit and Run

An officer took a report that a large truck with a dump bed had struck a vehicle that was parked on the street.  Officers located the suspect vehicle and determined it was likely, due to the size of the truck, that the driver was unaware he had struck the vehicle.  No citations were issued.


#1713: Battery

An officer took a report of a fight that had occurred several days earlier.  Follow-up is ongoing.


#1714: Collision

A vehicle slid into a parked vehicle.  No injuries.


#1715: Suspicious Circumstances

The School Resource Officer took a report that explicit images had been shared with multiple juveniles by other juveniles.  Follow-up is ongoing.


#1720: Hit and Run

An officer took a report of a vehicle that had been struck by snow removal equipment.


#1734: Collision

The report is not done yet, but it appears to be nothing newsworthy.


#1758: Citizen Assist

An officer responded to a business where a customer and the business were having a civil dispute.  The business representative advised that the customer was no longer welcome on the property and told them to leave numerous times.  The officer told the customer they had to leave the property as they were no longer welcome.  After the subject was told to leave multiple times by the officer the subject continued to refuse and as a result, William Merrill Russell, 55, of East Columbia Falls, MT was charged with criminal trespass.


#1786: Disturbance

Officers responded to a local bar in reference to subject attempting to gain entry with a false identification.  Prior to arrival, one of the subjects in the party with the subject possessing the false identification assaulted a doorman who refused to allow the minor to enter.  It was later determined the minor was under the influence of alcohol.  As a result, James R Marshall, 29, of Trenton, OH was charged with assault and William Joseph Sandlin, 19, of Hamilton, OH was charged with possession of an altered identification and minor under the influence.


#1920: Disturbance

Officers took a report that a doorman at a bar had lifted a floor length coat that a female was wearing to look underneath it.  The doorman denied lifting the coat but said he had touched the collar when commenting to the female about it.  The video is blurry but appears to substantiate the doorman’s account of the events.  It does not appear any crime occurred.


#1939: Death - Suspected overdose


#1947: Hit and Run

A subject reported his vehicle was struck while parked and unattended.  There are no suspects.


#1989: Suspicious Circumstances

A subject reported that when he returned to his parked vehicle, he found the door open.  No items appeared to be stolen.


#2007: Collision

A subject reported he struck a frozen snow bank while parking, damaging his bumper.


#2019: AC Dog Bite

A juvenile was bitten on the hand by a dog she was dog-sitting, causing minor injury.


#2037: DUI

Officers responded to a report of a collision on a residential street in which a vehicle had struck a parked vehicle, likely totaling both vehicles.  It was reported by witnesses that the suspect vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed and attempted to pass another vehicle.  After passing the vehicle, the suspect vehicle drifted further to the left and struck the parked vehicle head-on.  Based on the investigation officers believe the suspect vehicle was traveling approximately 40 MPH in a 25 MPH zone when the collision occurred.  The collision pushed the parked vehicle over 50 feet from the point of impact.

The driver of the vehicle showed numerous signs of intoxication and was transported to the hospital for injuries received in the collision.  During the investigation a subject approached officers and advised them the suspect vehicle belonged to him and had apparently been stolen from his apartment complex.  It was determined the vehicle had been left unlocked with the keys inside.

After being treated and released, Franklin Taylor Powell, 27, of Jackson was charged with DUI and Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle.


#2094: Collision

An officer took a report of a START bus that struck a parked vehicle.  No injuries.


#2109: Public Intox

Officers responded to a report of a subject stumbling on the sidewalk and crossing the street in traffic.  Officers located the subject and noted that he had difficulty maintaining his balance and that he nearly fell several times.  The subject indicated he was walking to his vehicle approximately four miles away so that he could drive home to Alpine.  The subject was not dressed for the frigid conditions and was intoxicated to the degree he was a danger to himself.  As a result, Jacob T Schwab, 28, of Smoot, WY was charged with public intoxication.


#2167: Theft

Officers took a report from a convenience store that a subject had stolen a coat that belonged to a store employee.  The suspect was identified and the incident was captured on video.  As a result, Jordan Dewayne Hunt, 27, of Jackson was charged with theft.


#2238: Suspicious Circumstances

A subject reported finding a fanny pack in a public restroom.  While the officer was on-scene collecting the pack the owner arrived, looking for it.  It was determined that during the time it was left behind, $400.00 was stolen from within the pack.  There are no suspects.


#2278: Destruction of Property

A subject reported tires had been slashed on a vehicle.  A possible suspect has been identified and follow-up is on-going.


***JACKSON PD SAYS:  If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148.  We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts.  You can remain anonymous.

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