Jan. 23, 2016 to Jan. 29, 2017

261 events for this week.  See the attached event stats for the breakdown.  Here are the highlights.


#3137: Theft

A subject reported a stolen cell phone.  There are no suspects.


#3153: Collision

A vehicle backed into another vehicle in a parking lot.  No injuries.


#3154: Theft

A subject reported money missing from a checking account.  The report is not complete so I have no more info at this time.


#3158: Fraud

A subject reported fraudulent charges on a phone bill.  The report is not complete so I have no more info at this time.


#3217: Public Intox

Officers were dispatched to a hotel in reference to an intoxicated subject who did not have a room sitting outside.  Officers contacted the subject and found him to be very intoxicated.  The subject was unable to tell officers where he lived or where was staying for the night.  Officers determined the subject was too intoxicated to care for himself and as a result, Joshua Isaac Drews, 34, of Mifflintown, PA was charged with public intoxication.


#3236: Theft

An subject contacted police in reference to a possible wire fraud.  Officers are working with the bank to determine of there has been a loss.


#3272: Destruction of Property

This shows the case was deleted, so whatever it was, the officer determined there was no crime.


#3352: Domestic Violence

Officers responded to a report of a fight at a motel.  It was determined two intoxicated subjects had a verbal argument that turned into a physical fight.  As a result, Ariasteed Brevin Bell, 19, of Fort Washakie, WY was charged with domestic battery.


#3358: Probation Violation

Officers received a call of a vehicle stuck in a snow bank.  The caller reported the owner of the vehicle appeared to be intoxicated.  Officers contacted the subject and found him to be intoxicated but there was not sufficient evidence to show he was intoxicated at the time the vehicle was driven into the snow bank.  Officers determined the subject was on probation and was not to consume alcohol.  As a result, Robert Kent Smeltzer, 68, of Jackson was charged probation violation.


#3364: Assault

A subject reported being assaulted inside a bar, causing injury to her face.  A follow-up investigation has revealed that the subject’s injuries were likely the result of falling while intoxicated and there is no evidence she was assaulted. 


#3444: Hit and run

A subject reported his vehicle was struck while parked and unattended.  There are no leads.


#3495: DUI

An officer observed a vehicle traveling down the road with the driver side door open and the driver leaning partially out the door.  The officer made a traffic stop on the vehicle and as it came to stop the door opened again and the driver vomited outside the vehicle and on himself.  The officer noted objective signs of intoxication and the driver admitted consuming alcohol prior to driving.  In addition, the officer noted a plastic cup full of liquor in the vehicle.  The subject failed sobriety tests that he completed and refused to complete others.  As a result, Aron E Hansen, 36, of Tetonia, ID was charged with DUI and open container.


#3497: Drug Offense

Officers walking past a motel room smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the room.  They contacted the occupants of the room who admitted to possessing a small amount of marijuana.  The drugs and paraphernalia were seized for destruction.


#3499: Destruction of property

Officers were on foot patrol at a motel when they observed a subject walking in a common area of the grounds.  As they watched the subject, he punch through the window of a room, then picked up a glass bottle that was sitting on the ground and threw it at another window, shattering it.  Officers intervened and the subject tried to quickly walk away.  Officers detained the subject despite him physically resisting their efforts.  The subject had no affiliation with either room he damaged and he physically resisted efforts to place him in a patrol vehicle.  As a result, Dalvis Joe Begay, 21, of Fredonia, AZ was charged with property destruction and interference with a peace officer.


#3554: Collision

A vehicle was following another vehicle too close and subsequently caused a collision.  No injuries.


#3646: Domestic Violence

Officers were dispatched to a report of a subject refusing to leave a residence.  While they were enroute it was further reported that one party had choked another.  The victim reported the suspect had texted asking for a place to stay the night and the victim agreed.  The victim went to bed and woke up with the suspect on top of him choking him with both hands.  The victim had visible injuries.  The couple were previously in a dating relationship and as a result, a 31 year old female was charged with domestic battery.


#3686: Collision

A vehicle slid on the ice, striking two vehicles that were parked on the street.  No injuries.


#3762: Hit and Run

A vehicle was struck while parked and unattended.  A witness provided suspect information and follow-up is ongoing.


#3797: Disturbance

Officers responded to a disturbance and were advised the suspect was in the parking lot of an apartment complex in a vehicle.  It was further reported the subject had battered his ex-girlfriend at a residence.  Officers located the suspect in a vehicle in the parking lot.  The subject ignored multiple commands to get out of the vehicle despite acknowledging the officers presence.  The suspect rapidly drove out of the parking lot, nearly striking one officer.  Officers followed the suspect who stopped several blocks away.  After initially refusing, the suspect exited the vehicle and was detained. 

During the investigation it was determined the subject had assaulted the female prior to police arrival.  Additionally, officers located a loaded handgun in the subject’s possession.  The subject has no concealed weapons permit and is not a Wyoming resident.

As a result, James Robert Labombard, 27, of Seattle, WA was charged with unlawful touching and reckless driving.


#3833: Hit and Run

A vehicle backed into another vehicle in a parking lot and the suspect failed to provide information.  The suspect is described as a white male in his seventies with white hair.  The suspect vehicle is described as a maroon Subaru station wagon.


#3841: Hit and Run

A vehicle was struck while parked an unattended.  There are no leads.


#3850: Suspicious Circumstances

An officer was notified that an airline passenger had a loaded handgun magazine in her purse that had been discovered in TSA the screening process.  It was determined the subject had no handgun in her possession and apparently had forgotten the magazine was in her purse.  Because the item is prohibited on a flight it was taken for safekeeping and the owner can make arrangements to have it shipped to her home.


#3853: Theft

A subject reported her jacket had been stolen from a bar.  Inside the jacket was her cell phone and car key.


#3917: Drug Offense

This is not a drug offense.  It was an event for two officers who were on foot patrol.  Dispatch must have accidently coded it wrong.


#3927: DUI

Officers responded to a report of a hit and run collision in which the driver struck a parked vehicle and fled the scene.  Witnesses provided a description of the vehicle and added that it would have front end damage.  Within moments an officer located a vehicle matching the description parked with a subject sitting in the driver seat.  The vehicle had what appeared to be fresh damage and although the driver initially denied being in a collision, he later admitted he thought he had struck a snow bank.  Officers brought the front bumper that had fallen off of the suspect vehicle at the scene of the collision and found it perfectly matched the vehicle officers located and that the vehicle was obviously the one that had struck the parked vehicle.  Officers noted objective signs of intoxication and there was an open container of alcohol in the vehicle.  The driver admitted to drinking alcohol prior to driving.  It was further determined the subject had no insurance.  The subject failed field sobriety tests and subsequently, Jeffery G Cameron, 23, of Dedham, MA was charged with DUI, hit and run, open container, and failure to maintain liability insurance.



3936:  A subject reported his jacket stolen from within a bar.  The victim’s phone and cash were in the jacket.


#3939: Assault

It was reported a subject had been punched while in a bar.  The subject had a cut on his nose but he refused to speak to law enforcement and refused medical attention.  No further information.


#3941: DUI

An officer stopped a vehicle for driving the wrong way down a one-way street.  Upon contacting the driver, objective signs of intoxication were noted and the subject admitted to consuming alcohol prior to driving.  The subject failed field sobriety tests and as a result, Brian Jacob Kurowski, 36, of Kirkland, WA was charged with DUI.


#4007: Hit and Run

A subject reported their vehicle was struck while parked and unattended.  There are no leads.


#4025: Drug Offense

An officer stopped a vehicle for driving at night without headlights.  Upon contacting the driver the odor of marijuana was present from within the vehicle.  The driver admitted there was marijuana in the vehicle and the officer seized a small amount.  As a result, Korey Ryan Kase, 26, of Chelan, WA was charged with possession of marijuana.


***JACKSON PD SAYS:  If you have any information related to any crime you see here (or any other), please contact the police department, or call CRIME STOPPERS at (307) 733-5148.  We rely heavily on you to direct our efforts.  You can remain anonymous.

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