After receiving a generous financial donation, Jackson Police Officers went in search of people doing good or those in need of a little help.  Deserving persons received a gift of $50 and some holiday cheer.  Here are some of their stories.



On Christmas Day, cab driver Vitalie Vrincean came upon a vehicle stuck in the snow and stopped to help out.  Officer Jason Figueroa just happened to be patrolling the area and caught Vrincean in the act.  He stopped to recognize Vrincean's good deed with a little holiday cheer and $50.

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Vitalie Vrincean



It can happen to anyone, even the police, and on December 27th it happened to Sergeant Tony Matthews; the snowy roads and winter weather ensnared his patrol vehicle.  He was stuck in the snow and unable to respond to calls for service.  That's when Dave Hunt and Joe Skowronek happened by and offered to pull Sgt. Matthews' patrol vehicle free.  Their service was recognized with some cash and some sincere appreciation. 

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Joe Skowronek and Dave Hunt



While stationed at the airport Officer Thomas Quinn caught Valerii Luzhanin, a cab driver, assisting an arriving passenger.  Now that might not seem out of the ordinary until you learn Luzhanin wasn't helping one of his customers, but a complete stranger who was headed to the car rental counter.  For this simple service above and beyond his duties Officer Quinn gave Luzhanin $50 and thanked him for making Jackson a better place.

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Valerii Luzhanin



We all know people who are just doing their job, but then there are those who consistently go the extra mile.  Officer Thomas Quinn had noticed just such a person working as an airport host numerous times.  Now airport hosts are hired to help travelers with their luggage, give directions, answer questions, solve problems, and just be generally helpful to the traveling public.  But airport host Ray Brence doesn't stop there, he's been seen helping other airport employees and airline employees with their jobs as well.  The fact is we're not sure if there is anything Brence wouldn't do to help another person.  And it's those attitudes and actions that garnered Officer Quinn's attention and earned Brence our admiration and $50.

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Ray Brence



Names and images used with permission.

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