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Jackson, Wyo., April 20, 2018– 

The Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming and St. John’s Episcopal Church present a week-long (40 hour) Crisis Intervention Team (C.I.T.) training for first responders and law enforcement in Teton County next week, April 23-27.  C.I.T. training is based on a model developed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1988.  C.I.T. programs bridge the gap between a community’s law enforcement/first responders and mental healthcare providers by forming productive community partnerships.

 “I am pleased and grateful that it is possible to provide Crisis Intervention Team training for the law enforcement and first responders in our community. This is a valuable opportunity to gain new skills for working with those who may be in crisis; it will help us to be a more effective department by giving us the tools and the knowledge to help those who may be struggling in life and don’t know where to turn for help. This training will undoubtedly be put to good use and will continue to guide our approach to dealing with critical incidents well into the future”, said Jackson Police Department’s Chief Todd Smith.

The short-term goals of the training are to focus on the recognition of mental health problems, de-escalation techniques and tactical considerations for interacting with people experiencing a mental health problem to better serve our community.  The long-term goal of C.I.T. training is to end up with a ‘Crisis Intervention Team’ that can best serve both the immediate and ongoing mental health needs of our community by all the necessary local agencies and providers working together.  

 The Executive Director of the JH Community Counseling Center, Deidre Ashley said, “We are very excited for this training; it is a wonderful kick off to recognize May as Mental Health Awareness Month, bringing awareness to the issue and reducing stigma. C.I.T. gives officers additional tools and resources to improve the ability do their job safely and effectively. It also helps keep people with mental illness out of jail while assisting them in getting hooked into resources.”

This upcoming C.I.T. training is full, with twenty attendees from a diverse group of local law enforcement and first responders including: Jackson Police Department, Teton County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Forest Service, Jackson Hole Fire/EMS and St. John’s Hospital Emergency Department.

 “St. John’s is committed to helping our community in real, tangible ways; thus, we are happy to sponsor the C.I.T. training by providing the meeting space and funding the event, through the generosity of the Foundation for the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming.  Our hope is that this training will help strengthen the bonds between law enforcement and the social services providers here in the valley, making Jackson Hole a safer, more compassionate place”, said Rev. Brian Nystrom, of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

This community C.I.T. training could not be possible without the support of the local C.I.T. planning committee, comprised of individuals from the following organizations:  JH Community Counseling Center, St. John’s Medical Center, Curran Seeley Foundation, National Park Service, Jackson Police Department, Teton County Sheriff’s Office, Community Prevention Coalition of Teton County, and other important local sponsors:  Jedediah’s Catering & Concessions, Bubba’s Bar-B-Que, Merry Piglets Mexican Grill, Sidewinders Grill and Café Genevieve.

Contact:  Claire Johnson: cjohnson@pmowyo.orgor (307) 413-3327

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