Click Here for Draft District 2 Downtown LDRs

The Town of Jackson Planning Department released a revised draft of the District 2: Downtown Land Development Regulations (LDRs) on March 4, 2016 and it is now available for public review.

The revised draft of the District 2 Downtown LDRs includes a revised Downtown zoning map, revised Lodging Overlay, and revised development standards for the five proposed new Downtown zones.

The primary changes to the previous District 2 draft were made by staff in response to recent direction from the Town Council and Board of County Commissioners to limit the amount of additional nonresidential potential in the Town and County to the amount allowed by existing zoning and to allow staff to draft new incentive tools for workforce housing. More specifically, the following major changes were made:

• The boundaries of District 2 were modified (e.g., existing residential properties on East Broadway and South Cache has been removed from District 2 and added to District 3);

• The location of the five new Downtown zones were revised to more closely match existing zone boundaries (e.g., the new Downtown Core zone replaces the existing UC zone);

• The boundary of the Lodging Overlay was returned to its existing extent;

• The Floor Area Ratios (FAR) of the five new Downtown zones were modified and/or reduced to achieve an increase of “zero” for nonresidential potential in District 2;• The names of the five Downtown zones were modified to be more accurate and reorganized according to their level of intensity; and

• Other changes were made to the development standards to incentivize redevelopment (e.g., reductions of required Landscape Surface Ratios (LSR) in certain zones); Please note that the draft workforce housing incentive tools authorized by the Town Council are still in the drafting process but are expected to be presented to the Planning Commission at its first scheduled hearing.

The Planning Commission will have a special hearing on the revised draft District 2: Downtown LDRs on Wednesday, March 23 at 5:30 p.m. at the Town Hall.  Public comment will be taken at the hearing and written public comment submitted before March 18 will be included in the Planning Commission staff report. The Town Council is tentatively scheduled to have its public hearing(s) on this item in late April, 2016.

To review a copy of the revised draft District 2: Downtown LDRs, please go to the Jackson Planning and Building Department website or see http://www.tetonwyo.org/compp/topics/downtown-and-lodging-overlay-ldrs/252125/. Also, you may contact Paul Anthony, Principal Planner, at 307-733-0440 ext. 1301 for more information.


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