At the February 3, 2014 Regular Town Council Meeting, the Town Council adopted the 40 x 20 Action Plan as a guiding document and directed the Town staff to implement the 40 x 20 Initiatives as recommended in the Action Plan.  

The 40 x 20 Venture Team was formed and tasked with the mission to create an Action Plan to enable the Town of Jackson to meet the goals set forth in the 40 x 20 policy statement.  This 40 x 20 Venture Team researched the individual goals including short and long term recommendations and determined baselines towards the final task.  The Venture Team met with Senior Staff members as a group and on an individual basis throughout the process and also consulted with Christina Thomure, former Town of Jackson employee and now Climate Action Manager at University of California Santa Cruz.  40 x 20 Venture Team members included Olivia Goodale- Town Clerk, Johnny Ziem- Wastewater Manager, Andy Pearson- Investigator, Jason Wright- Network Engineer, Jeremy Minor- START Shift Supervisor, Jeromie Traphagan- Patrol Officer, Josh Wilson- Fleet Maintenance Mechanic, Pauline Scholes- Sr. Deputy Treasurer, Shawn Hill- (former) Senior Planner, and Trevor Aitken- Sergeant.

The Action Plan is the first step in establishing the Town of Jackson 40 x 20 Initiative and will serve as the catalyst to create:  1) A Plan for implementation of projects and programs and, 2) A communication and employee engagement process.   The process of generating the Action Plan has been an exercise in building internal support, engagement and accountability among mid-level staff.  The process generated new and heightened interest in sustainability action among the team members.  In developing the Action Plan, the Team was able to identify several opportunities for improvements that are included in the Action Plan.


The complete and detailed 40x20 Action Plan can be viewed here.


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