Environmental Initiatives

The Town of Jackson is proud of its many environmental initiatives. In November, 2006 Mayor Mark Barron became the first Mayor in Wyoming to sign the US Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement. The Town of Jackson has continued to partner with Teton County and Lower Valley Energy to move towards energy sustainability. Several of the major initiatives that have evolved over the past few years include:

Photovoltaic Solar Panel InstallationsPV-Cells.png
As of 2013, the Town of Jackson has a total of 1,114 photovoltaic cells in operation. Located at Town Hall, Public Works, our Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Parking Garage, the Home Ranch Welcome Center, the Deloney Restrooms, and Water Well #5, these solar panels supply the town with a total of 256.22 Kilowatts of electricity.

100% Renewable Electricity

For the remainder of the municipality's electricity usage that we are unable to produce through our solar panels, we have an agreement with the local power company, Lower Valley Energy, which guarantees that all the electricity we do pull from the grid comes from 100% renewable energy sources (wind, solar, and hydro).

Electric Vehicle Charging StationsEV_Station.JPG

In 2014 the Town unveiled four Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations placed at convenient areas throughout Town. These EV stations are located at the Town Square, the Deloney Street Public Parking Lot, the Millward Parking Garage, and the Home Ranch Lot. If you have an electric vehicle, please feel free to "fill up" at one of these stations free of charge. To learn more about this initiative click here.

Town of Jackson Idle-Free

In an effort to reduce unnecessary engine idling, the Town of Jackson adopted Resolution 10-19 on September 7, 2010. Signs have been posted at street parking spots all around town to encourage drivers not to idle their cars while they wait.

Home Ranch Welcome Center - LEED Gold Certified
In 2012 the new and improved Home Ranch Welcome Center was opened to the public. This building was constructed using strict environmental standards earning it a LEED Gold certification. Some of the unique energy-saving features of this building include solar electric photovoltaic power, solar thermal hot water heating, and geothermal heating and cooling. The Home Ranch parking lot is also host to one of our free electric vehicle charging stations.

An "Alternative" FleetPolice_Motorcycle1.JPG
We have made a significant effort to reduce our carbon emissions by adopting several alternative-fuel source vehicles into our fleet. These vehicles include gas-electric hybrid vehicles, trucks powered by compressed natural gas, hybrid-electric buses operating for START, an EV 4-wheeler used at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, and, most recently, two all-electric motorcycles used by the Jackson Police Department.


The 40x20 Initiative is currently under way. Similar to the 10x10, the ambitious 40x20 goal seeks to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, and reduce water usage in all town owned buildings and vehicles by 40% by the year 2020. 

In 2007, the Jackson Town Council and Board of Teton County Comissioners adopted a 10x10 resolution, which committed to reducing electricity and fuel used in government operations 10% by 2010. The Town created a custom energy use inventory program, which has tracked 3.5 years of energy use for all town and county operations. 

Tree City USAJackson_Trees.png
For the third year in a row, the Town of Jackson has been named by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City USA. Councilman Bob Lenz has accepted this award on behalf of the Town of Jackson. 

Energy Conservation Works

This project, originally called Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Project, evolved out of a challenge to the community from former World Bank Chairman, Jim Wolfensohn, to become a leader in environmental innovation and sustainability.

The US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
At the 73rd Annual U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting in Chicago in 2005, elected officials from throughout the United States, including Mayor Barron of Jackson, endorsed the Climate Protection Agreement. The Town of Jackson has been diligent in striving to meet and exceed these goals aimed at reducing global warming pollution levels, urging the US Congress to pass bipartisan greenhouse gas reduction legislation, and taking action on a local level to meet and exceed Kyoto Protocol Targets for reducing global warming pollution. 

Environmental Efforts in Pictures

The slideshow below contains photographs of some of the Town of Jackson's key conservation efforts thus far. A description only goes so far. The best way to understand all that we are doing is to see it for yourself! Click on the images for a larger version of the slideshow.

Roads to Alleyways

Ever wonder what happens when we tear up and replace an old road? Watch this video to find out what the Town of Jackson is doing with all that asphalt.

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Ever wonder what happens at the Wastewater Facility Plant? Watch this video to find out what the Town of Jackson is doing with waste and water.

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