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Bid # 18-07:   Town of Jackson 2018 Sidewalk Improvements Project.

Download PDF    Notice is hereby given that the Town of Jackson, Wyoming, hereinafter referred to as the “Owner” will be accepting sealed bids for a general contract to consist of construction of the 2018 Sidewalk Improvements Project. The project location is along the south side of West Kelly Avenue from South Cache Street to South Jackson Street, and along the east side of South Millward Street north and south of West Hansen Avenue and south of West Kelly Avenue.

The project generally consists of constructing approximately 9,000 square feet of concrete sidewalk, approximately 580 lineal feet of curb and gutter, alleyway and driveway approaches, ADA ramps, associated crushed base, 720 square feet of concrete pavers, 20 cubic yards of top soil, 1,300 lineal feet dry utility trenching, street lights, electrical system tie in, and asphalt patching

Bidding Contractors MUST purchase one (1) set of Contract Documents (includes one (1) set of Plans and one (1) Project Manual) from the Town of Jackson.
The Bidding Documents for the Project may be obtained at the Town of Jackson Public Works offices located at 450 West Snow King Avenue, Jackson, Wyoming, 83001, (307)733-3079, upon payment of a $40.00, non-refundable fee for the project manual and plans. Electronic copies of the Contract Documents shall be provided upon request at no charge.

Questions regarding the technical aspects or requirements of the Contract Documents are to be referred to Jeremy Parker, Associate Engineer, Town of Jackson, Wyoming, (307)733-3079 x1412.

A pre-bid meeting will be held at the Town of Jackson Engineering Offices located in the Public Works building located at 450 West Snow King Avenue, Jackson, WY on Wednesday January 24, 2018 at 2:00 PM (MST).

Sealed bids will be received at the office of the Town Clerk, Town of Jackson, 150 East Pearl Avenue, P.O. Box 1687, Jackson, Wyoming 83001 until Tuesday, 2:00 p.m., January 30, 2018. All bids will be publicly opened and read aloud by the Owner immediately thereafter at the same location. Bids shall be sealed in an envelope plainly marked with the Bidder’s name and the following title: “Bid For 2018 Sidewalk Improvements Project.”

All proposals must be accompanied by a Cashier’s Check, Irrevocable Letter of Credit or a Bid Bond, executed by the bidder, as Principal, and a satisfactory surety company, executed in favor of the Owner in the amount of five percent (5%) of the maximum amount of the proposals. Bid Bond shall be accompanied by a certified copy of Power of Attorney and signed or countersigned by an agent of the bonding company. The Cashier’s Check, Irrevocable Letter of Credit or Bid Bond will be retained by the Owner as liquidated damages if the successful bidder refuses or fails to enter into a contract or to furnish a Contractor’s Payment and Performance Bond, and meet the required provisions for insurance, within ten (10) days after being notified of the award of the Contract.

Performance and Payment Bond or other collateral or surety acceptable to the Owner shall be furnished by the successful bidder each in the amount of one hundred and twenty five percent (125%) of the contract price. Such Performance and Payment Bonds shall be accompanied by a certified copy of Power of Attorney and shall be signed or countersigned by a Wyoming resident agent of the bonding company.

A five percent (5%) preference shall be given to Wyoming contractors as defined by Wyoming Statutes 1977, Section 16-6-101, pursuant to the provisions of Section 16-6-102. A successful resident bidder shall subcontract pursuant to Wyoming Statutes 1977, Section 16-6-103. Preference shall be given to Wyoming laborers and material pursuant to Wyoming Statutes 1977, Section 16-6-104. Contractors who are certified by the State of Wyoming as Wyoming Residents must provide a copy of their Wyoming State Residency Certificate to be recognized as Wyoming contractors.

Attention is also called to the provisions of Wyoming Statutes, 1977, Section 16-6-201 thru 206 pertaining to the preference for state laborers.

All bids will be reviewed by the Engineer and presented to the Jackson Town Council for possible action at the next scheduled meeting subsequent to the date of the bid opening.

The Town of Jackson reserves the right to reject any and all bids, and to waive all informalities. The Town Council may accept any bid which in its opinion best serves its interests.

PUBLISH: JHNAG January 3, 10, & 17, 2018







 ## No other Bids or RFPs are open at this time. 

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