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Welcome to the Temporary Home to information surrounding the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.   We are in the process of hiring a 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Special Events Coordinator and this person will be updating this site on a regular basis.  Thank you! 

Please check back again soon!  

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2017 Jackson Hole Eclipse information coming soon!

Eclipse Information Coming Soon!

Town and County Seek 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Special Events Coordinator.

A Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) will cross the United States on Monday, August 21, 2017. A large portion of Teton County is directly in the path of totality for the eclipse. This, combined with the proximity of unique natural wonders and other tourist amenities, makes Jackson a premier destination for those wishing to view the eclipse.

During the December 5th Joint Information Meeting, the Jackson Town Council and Teton County Board of County Commissioners agreed to hire a Total Solar Eclipse Special Events Coordinator. Today a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) has been published in order to begin the process of contracting an individual or business to fill this role.

“Our goal is to maintain the quality of services that we currently provide to our residents and guests,” said Bob McLaurin, Jackson Town Manager. “We appreciate the recognition made by the Town Council and County Commissioners of the potential magnitude of this event and their continued support of our efforts to provide the highest quality services to this community and to ensure the safety of all residents and visitors.”

The purpose of this position is not to promote the TSE or to entice people to visit the community during the event, rather the goal is to provide valuable management and information coordination of special events within the community. The TSE Special Events Coordinator will provide necessary centralized information from local government, regional land management agencies, and businesses in an effort to promote the health and safety of residents and visitors alike.

According to Rich Ochs, the Teton County Emergency Management Coordinator, public safety planning meetings revolving around the solar eclipse have been taking place since July of 2015. Ochs indicated that there are two distinct components for planning for this astronomical phenomenon: public safety and special event planning.

“Although these are two distinct aspects to consider, both public safety planning and special event coordination must work together for a successful operation,” said Ochs. “This position moves our community in the right direction of achieving this goal.”

For more information about this position or to view a complete Request for Qualifications in filling this position please visit the Town of Jackson’s website, or contact Carl Pelletier, Special Events Coordinator for the Town of Jackson, at 307-733-3932 ext. 1112 or at

Click Here to view the Request for Qualifications for this position.  

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