Jun 05, 2017
Sandy Birdyshaw

Walgreens Surplus Auction


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Notice is hereby given that the Town of Jackson intends to sell surplus property from the demolition of the Jackson Walgreens building at Auction at 9:00 AM on Saturday, July, 2017 at the west side of the Jackson Rodeo Grounds. Interested parties may inspect the materials to be auctioned at the site on Friday June 30, 2017 between 4 PM and 5 PM and Saturday July 1, 2017 from 8 AM until 9 AM. The surplus property will be auctioned to the highest responsible bidder above the preset minimum. The surplus property to be sold consists of the following:

As of June 2, 2017 this is the current list of items which is subject to additions or deletions as the project progresses.

Outdoor: 224 LF metal retaining wall handrails, 11-custom outdoor (bronze) benches, 2-custom outdoor (bronze) tables, 8-6" Square x 36” tall bollard pathway Lights, Styrofoam insulation.

Lumber: 3228 LF 8x6 pressure treated timbers, 12-6x6x9’ timber columns, 8-8x8x10’ timber columns, 6-6x12x10’ timber beams, 4-8x12x24’ timber beams, 2-10x16x24’ timber beams, 28-3x12x9’ glulam beams, 7-4x12x16’ glulam beams, 32-4x12x8’ glulam beams.

Windows and Doors: metal sunscreen panels, insulated windows, aluminum sliding door system, sliding glass door panel, drive-through teller window, numerous power window shades.

Lighting: Parking Lot Double Lights, Suspended External LED Lights, Directional LED Flood Lights, Recessed Can Lights, Recessed LED Lights, External Surface-Mounted Lights, Suspended Interior Lights, miscellaneous light fixtures, miscellaneous LED Track Lighting.

Electrical and Controls: Fire/Burglar Alarm Controls, Smoke Detectors, Service Panels, Main Disconnect Panel 800 A Nema-3R, Communication Cabinets, Control Systems Cabinet, Relay Module.

Equipment: 6' x 8' Electric Rollup Overhead Door, commercial cardboard compactor, Rooftop Air Conditioner (RTU) - Heating/Cooling 1570 LBS, Rooftop Air Conditioner (RTU) - Heating/Cooling 722 LBS, Rooftop Air Conditioner (RTU) - Heating/Cooling 1580 LBS, Rooftop Air Conditioner (RTU) - Heating/Cooling 997 LBS, Rooftop Air Conditioner (RTU) - Heating/Cooling 722 LBS, Fire sprinkler equipment (shutoff valves, check valve, dry pipe valve, shotgun riser check valve, flow switch riser mounted compressor, test valves, ball valves, pressure gauges, victaulic couplers, miscellaneous pipe insulation.

Other: Dry chemical fire extinguishers, hand sink and cabinet, lavatory sinks, 65-gallon gas water heater, 3.2-gallon expansion tank, baby changing stations, paper towel dispensers, hand soap dispensers, flush mounted speakers, drinking fountains, miscellaneous steel, and other materials and equipment from the demolition of the Jackson Walgreens store. Late model Chevy Colorado pickup truck topper, 45KW Onan Generator Allis-Chalmers I6 engine. 


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