Aug 02, 2017
Amy Renova

Chip Sealing Today - Thursday, August 3

Chip Sealing Project to start today!

Due to rain, the Chip Sealing project scheduled for last week has been postponed and, pending weather, will start again today!

Please know where the Public Works Department will be working and share this information with family, friends and co-workers!

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause and understand that this work may slightly disrupt your commute - but please note that chip sealing is an effective way to extend the life of our town roads and save you, the taxpayer, money!

“Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with our plans,” said Josh Frappart, the Town of Jackson’s Associate Engineer. “Rain or any type of precipitation while administering the seal can significantly compromise the effectiveness of the entire process.”

THURSDAY, AUGUST 3 - Chip Sealing on the following streets:

**East Simpson Avenue from South Cache Street to Rancher**

**South Gros Ventre Street from Hansen Avenue to East Broadway**

**West Karns Avenue from Flat Creek Drive to South Jackson Street**

**the alley north of East Karns Avenue from Vine Street to South Willow Street**

**the alley north of East Kelly Avenue and west of Redmond Street**

**the alley south of Snow King and east of South Millward Street**

The proposed schedule is subject to change with weather conditions.

Please be aware of posted “No Parking” signage. Businesses and Residences may still be accessed during this time. Vehicles parked on the designated streets WILL BE TOWED at the owners expense if need be.

During application of the chip seal, construction crews and Town of Jackson staff will be helping to direct traffic through the construction zone with alternating one-way traffic.

In an effort to limit delays, please seek alternate routes and avoid driving the designated roads.

Additional Information: Please be aware of, and obey all construction notification, detour and parking restriction signage as they there for your safety and the safety of the construction workers.

For additional information please contact Josh Frappart of the Engineering Department at 307-733-3239 ext. 1413 or via email at

The Town of Jackson thanks you very much for your understanding and apologizes in advance for any inconvenience. Please forward this notification as you see fit and help to spread the word. Thank You!

In an effort to reduce future street maintenance budget and reduce potholes, the Public Works department began a chip seal program in 2013. To extend the life of a roadway and reduce the amount of patching required, chip sealing is typically used on roadways that have been in place for approximately 5 to 7 years. The top coating of the roadway surface significantly reduces the degradation of the roadway surface and provides a sealing element that restricts water infiltration into the road’s base course which reduces the formation of potholes.

Studies have proven that the implementation of a chip seal program can extend the service life of a roadway up to and possibly exceeding a 40-year lifespan as compared to a standard 20-year lifespan of a non-treated roadway. Chip sealing costs approximately $0.46/SF, whereas patching of a roadway costs nearly $6.00/SF. Over time, it is the Engineering Department’s goal to complete sealing of all Town streets once every seven years. The long-term cost savings should be significant for the Town should this program continue.

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