Nov 07, 2017
Carl Pelletier

Summary of Town Council Action taken between October 30 and November 6

For your information, the following is an overview of Town Council actions taken at special and regular meetings since October 30.
  • The Council directed the Town Attorney to initiate proceedings in the District Court to ultimately revoke the retail liquor license that was used at the Town Square Tavern and held by The Mattheis Company.  This was because the Tavern lost their annual lease which is a state and local requirement to hold a liquor license.  The Judge will hear the case and make a ruling.  In the meantime, the application to transfer the ownership of that liquor license to Get Loose, LLC was put on hold pending the outcome of the revocation trial.
  • Last week the Council held three special joint meetings with the County Commissioners to review and discuss policy questions on the Housing Mitigation LDRs and Housing Department Rules and Regulations.  Direction was given and staff will bring back revisions for a final review by the Council and Commission on November 13.
  • At yesterday’s regular joint meeting with the County, the Mayor and Chairman recognized Apprenticeship Week and acknowledged Lower Valley Energy and Mountain Fire Protection for their programs.
  • A Buy Back Policy was approved for the Housing Department and Authority to use when owners of affordable or employment-based units decide to sell their home.
  • An amendment to the 1990 resolution which created the Housing Authority was postponed.  The amendment would address how and who uses exaction fees that have been collected.
  • The notice of award to select a consulting firm for Human Services Planning was discussed and also postponed.
  • The Council and Commission discussed wildlife and vehicle collision hotspots within the county and reviewed reports from Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation and WYDOT.  Key challenges were identified and recommendations were offered to reduce collisions.
  • Time during the meeting ran out and the agenda item for Regulating E-Bikes on the Pathways was postponed to the next joint meeting on December 4.
  • Last night, the Council welcomed new Associate Planner Brendan Conboy to the Town.
  • Small Business Saturday was proclaimed to be November 25, don’t forget to do some local shopping!
  • Special Events were approved for the Pedigree Stage Stop Race and Ultimate Towner, subject to the conditions listed in the staff report.
  • Temporary Sign Permits were approved for Moose Hockey and the Winter People’s Market, subject to conditions and restrictions.
  • The purchase of a backhoe loader was awarded to Western States Cat, Bid 18-06.
  • The Council approved the acceptance of a Homeland Security grant for the Jackson Police Department.
  • The Council approved the Exhibit Hall Ground Lease Agreement and the Rodeo Grounds Management Agreement as drafted and directed staff to share the documents with the County for their consideration.
  • A tele-communications lease with Snow King was approved that will benefit communications in the Water Department, Public Works, and START.
  • The Council approved an Encroachment Agreement for 169 East Deloney to allow for 3 of the 4 improvements to remain in place that extend into the street and alley rights-of-way.
  • The Final Plat for 690 S Highway 89, Artisan Pizza, was approved with staff’s recommended conditions
  • The Housing Department was given the okay to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) which would develop 174 North King Street for workforce housing.  Responses are due in February.
  • The first budget amendment to FY2018 was approved.
  • Ordinance Z was approved at second reading which provides for a 30-day notice requirement for the non-renewal of rental leases.
  • Ben Hammond, Karen Parent, and Eric Logan were reappointed to the Design Review Committee for two-year terms.
  • The Council discussed the speed limit and safety concerns on Redmond Street.  Bear-proof trash containers were briefly discussed and community members were urged to participate in the survey and public meetings listed in the Engage2017 program.


The Town Manager reported on exaction fees for affordable housing and holding a discussion at the November 20 workshop.


Complete and detailed information regarding these items is available online at under the Agendas & Meeting button.

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