Mar 28, 2017
Carl Pelletier

Steve Rhoads Receives Value Jackson Award

If you've had the chance to ride the START bus over the course of the past 10 years there's a good chance you'd recognize Steve. He's been putting smiles on the faces of bus commuters since 2007. He currently runs our commuter route from Victor/Driggs to Jackson and back. When he's in town he'll drive Teton Village runs and Town Shuttle routes.

Jessica Chitwood nominated Steve “for exuding the values of 'Customer Focus and Service' and 'Positive Workplace'".

"Steve, also known in the bus-riding community as 'START bus-Steve' is one of the most caring, thoughtful bus drivers that we have at START. I have seen him stop a bus and run off with a fire extinguisher to help a crashed car, I have seen dash-cam video of him narrowly avoiding a moose crossing HWY 22, and have seen him over and over and over again help tourists and bus riders with directions, bus fares, and general questions from the public with such care and compassion, on a level that we should all aspire to."

The recipient of this award has demonstrated exemplary levels of one or more of the Town Values:
Customer Service & Focus
Positive Workplace
Stewardship & Conservation
It Is My Job. It Is Our Job.

"He genuinely cares about getting people as close as possible to where they are trying to go. His taste in music, while eclectic, just adds to the charm when you ride Steve’s bus-you never know if you are going to get on to the bus listening to techno, polka, or some random genre you’ve never heard of before. He has a way of creating a relationship with his riders and an atmosphere on his bus that is so dear, and if you haven’t experienced it yet, I hope you all get to, because he is a treasure.”


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