Feb 13, 2017
Carl Pelletier

SPET Discussions Continue Today

The Jackson Town Council and the Teton County Commissioners will meet today at 2PM in the Teton County Administration Building.


The Town Council and Teton County Commissioners will meet today at 2:00pm at the Teton County Administration Building (200 South Willow) in the County Commissioners Chambers.

The electeds will continue to discuss items to be included on the upcoming May 2, 2017 election ballot.

The meeting is open to the public; however, public comment will not be taken at this meeting. Public comment is tentatively planned for a meeting scheduled on February 27th. More information to come on this meeting.

Stakeholders from the large SPET considerations (St. John's, CWC, Public Works, START Bus, and Parks and Recreation) will be on hand to answer questions that the electeds have on the various projects, but public comment will not be heard at this meeting.

The meeting will be streamed live, on-line at: http://www.tetonwyo.org/

From this site you can click on "MEETINGS" in the upper left hand corner and then click on Special Joint Information Meeting with the Town Council on 2/13/2017 and then click on the Live Stream option.

Or click on the following link to take you directly there:www.tetonwyo.org/…/topi…/county-video-streaming-page/254509/

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