Jan 12, 2018
Carl Pelletier

Senior Journeyman Mechanic - Tim Peterschmidt - Value Jackson Recipient

Senior Journeyman Mechanic for the Town of Jackson, Tim Peterschmidt, is the recipient of this month's Value Jackson Award.

Since 2003, Tim has been making sure that all of the ToJ vehicles including plows, sand trucks, buses, and police vehicles are operating in tip-top condition.

Officer Shawn Stephens with the Police Department nominated Tim for this award. According to Shawn, "The Town of Jackson has a great wealth of employees that deserve to be awarded the Values Rock."

"In my pursuit to make a selection, one person quickly came to mind. Someone who has always shown true innovation and professionalism in their work, and that’s Tim Peterschmidt."

"Tim is continually being asked to provide a service or a product at the highest of standards, with the least amount of time to accomplish it, and yet always achieves something above and beyond what was expected. Tim truly exemplifies our Town of Jackson Values and I thank him for his stewardship."

Each month one Town of Jackson employee who has demonstrated exemplary levels of one or more of the Town Values:
• Openness
• Innovation
• Respect
• Professionalism
• Positive Workplace
• Stewardship & Conservation
• It Is My Job. It Is Our Job.
….is selected to receive the Value Jackson Award.

Congratulations Tim and thank you for all that you do for this wonderful organization and for this community.IMG_0002.JPG

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