Feb 21, 2017
Carl Pelletier

Increased Surface Movement Detected on W. Broadway Landslide

– The Town of Jackson continues to monitor the West Broadway Landslide.  Since initial detection in 2014, the slide has moved, on average, a ¼ inch per month.  However, due to recent moisture accumulation, monitors have detected an increase in surface movement on the West Broadway landslide.

Due to this increased surface movement there is a possibility of rock fall.  While this rock fall potential remains low, drivers and pedestrians utilizing Budge Drive should exercise caution when accessing this area.   It is advised that people do not park or stop on Budge Drive below the slide area or on the Walgreens property.

To learn more about the current condition of the landslide and plans for upcoming remediation efforts, the public is invited to attend an open house on Thursday, February 23 from 5:30pm until 7:00pm at the Town Hall located at 150 W. Pearl Avenue.   

The Town will continue to consult with landslide experts, monitor the situation, and advise the public if there are any significant changes or areas of concern.

“With this increase in movement we are monitoring the slide movement every 15 minutes,” said Bob McLaurin, Town Manager.  “Public safety is our primary concern and we want to make sure we make important information available.”

For additional information please contact Carl Pelletier, the Town of Jackson’s Public Information Officer at cpelletier@townofjackson.com or (307) 734-3488.   

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