Feb 14, 2017
Carl Pelletier

Continued SPET Discussions Planned

SPET discussions will continue on Wednesday, February 22 starting at 3:00pm in the County Administration Building (200 S. Willow). The Jackson Town Council and the Teton County Commissioners are planning to meet until 5pm in the Commissioners Chambers.

Time permitting, the Jackson Town Council and the Teton County Board of County Commissioners are planning on taking public comment at this meeting.


In addition, on Monday, February 27 there will be an additional Special Joint Information Meeting to discuss SPET even further. This meeting will be held at the County Administration Offices and is tentatively scheduled from 2:00pm until 6:00pm.

The electeds will continue to discuss items to be included on the upcoming May 2, 2017 election ballot. The items under consideration include:

1. Fire Station #1 and Fire Station #3 improvements

2. Town of Jackson Fleet Maintenance Facility and START Bus storage

3. Replacement of current START Buses and Purchase of additional START Buses.

4. Affordable Housing / Rental Units

5. Town of Jackson / Teton County Employee Housing

6. South Highway 89 & South Park Boat Ramp Underpass

7. St. John's Living Center

8. Central Wyoming College

9. Town of Jackson Pedestrian Improvements

10. Children's Learning Center

11. Wilson Boat Ramp

12. Teton County / ToJ Rec. Center capital repair, renovation and expansion

13. Redmond Hall affordable housing and rental project

These meetings are open to the public

The meetings will be streamed live, on-line at: http://www.tetonwyo.org/

From this site you can click on "MEETINGS" in the upper left hand corner and then click on Special Joint Information Meeting with the Town Council on 2/13/2017 and then click on the Live Stream option.

Or click on the following link to take you directly there: www.tetonwyo.org/…/topi…/county-video-streaming-page/254509/

Please do not hesitate to contact the Town of Jackson for additional information 307-733-3932 or cpelletier@townofjackson.com

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