Feb 17, 2017
Carl Pelletier

Congrats Jessica Chitwood! February's Value Jackson Recipient

Congratulations to Jessica Chitwood the recipient of the Value Jackson award for the month of February. You may have been greeted by Jessica as you entered the Town Hall in the recently. In addition to being a welcoming face and offering a friendly smile, Jessica splits her time and energy between the Finance Department, Human Resources and the Municipal Court!
The recipient of this award has demonstrated exemplary levels of one or more of the Town Values:
Customer Service & Focus
Positive Workplace
Stewardship & Conservation
It Is My Job. It Is Our Job.
Jessica was selected by Peter Romaine for "demonstrating the Town Values and the Mission of the Town in an extraordinary way."
"Whenever I walk into town hall I am greeted by this friendly smile and a 'how can I help you'. I couldn’t ask to be greeted in a more friendly way and could only imagine the influence it has on the public when they walk into town hall."
"Jessica has been extremely helpful with my transition into this position and the continuous hiring process we have gone through this winter."
"Even when we have commuter issues from Teton Valley which Jessica relies on, I still get her friendliness and even her help with spreading the word and bringing other riders over the pass in her car."
"We couldn’t ask for a better first impression to the public who demonstrated the Town Values and our Purpose and Mission for the Town of Jackson. Thanks Jessica for being such a great example.”

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