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In More Cities and States, Car Commuting is on the Skids Nov 17, 2014

An interesting article put out by the PEW Charitable Trusts on the recent reduction in car commuting trends throughout country. Teton County receives a special mention in the article

Draft Downtown Zoning Regulations & Map Nov 10, 2014

Draft Downtown Zoning Regulations have been released. View them here.

Unofficial 2014 General Election Results Nov 04, 2014

Unofficial 2014 general election results summary

Bike Share: Feasibility Study/Planning Grant Application Nov 03, 2014

Friends of Pathways would like to study the feasibility of a bikeshare program for Jackson hole as part of the Integrated Transportation Plan

Business Ready Community (BRC) Grant and Loan Program Oct 31, 2014

The Wyoming Business Council is seeking grant and loan applications from counties, incorporated cities, towns, joint powers boards, and tribes for the 2014 Business Ready Community (BRC) Grant and Loan Program.

Budge Drive Landslide Presentation Oct 01, 2014

This presentation was provided by Landslide Technology, A division of Cornforth Consultants. It was initially presented at the September 20, 2014 Jackson Town Council Workshop

Police Department Adds Electric Motorcycle Sep 04, 2014

The Town of Jackson purchased this law enforcement equipped motorcycle from Zero Motorcycles, Inc. a California based company.

Budge Drive Landslide Shows Increased Movement with Recent Rains Aug 26, 2014

Measurements of the Budge Drive landslide through Sunday August 24 show increased movement with the recent wet weather.

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