About Jackson


Jackson, Wyoming sits at 6,237 feet (1901 meters) above sea level in the northwest section of the state of Wyoming. Jackson was named for David Edward "Davey" Jackson in 1894 and is the county seat of Teton County. The population of the Town of Jackson is 9,577, with an additional 11,717 residents living within Teton County but outside of Jackson town limits. The effective population of both Jackson and Teton County tends to increase dramatically during certain times of the year due to our proximity to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, the National Elk Refuge, and three world-class ski resorts.

Town of Jackson Hole?
"Jackson Hole" is a common nickname for this area and refers to the entire valley (including the Town of Jackson, Teton Village, Wilson, Moose, Moran Junction, Kelly, and Hoback) which is surrounded by Yellowstone National Park on the north, the Tetons on the west, the Gros Ventre Mountain Range on the east, and the Wyoming Range on the south. The Town of Jackson is the only incorporated municipality within the Jackson Hole valley or Teton County. Because of this we must foster relationships with the county government in order to provide the best possible level of services to our residents and visitors alike.

Jackson is a town rich with pride and appreciation of its unique scenic beauty and treasured wildlife populations. It's also an incredibly generous and supportive community with over 200 non-profit organizations performing important work everyday. Its culture is deep with western heritage as is reflected in the many art galleries around the famous Town Square.

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